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Radiation for Breast Cancer: Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT)

Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT), is a single-dose radiation alternative for women with early stage breast cancer. Standard treatment can involve five to six weeks of treatment; with IORT, a single dose is delivered in the operating room immediately following a partial mastectomy/lumpectomy.

Most breast cancer recurrences after surgery occur in the same place as the original tumor. With IORT, we are targeting the radiation and only treating the original tumor bed, so we spare healthy breast tissue that whole-breast radiation may negatively affect. 

Advantages of IORT

  • A single, low-energy radiation dose delivered internally to the tumor during the surgical procedure.
  • Healthy tissue is exposed to less radiation.
  • This treatment is patient-focused, reducing travel time, physical and psychological stress, and time away from work and family.
  • With IORT, women have the choice of breast-sparing treatment (lumpectomy), without the hassle of five to six weeks of daily radiation.

 Is IORT Right for You?

A discussion with your care team about Breast IORT, as well as other treatment options, is necessary to determine if you are a candidate and how to best address your unique needs. Candidates for the new treatment are selected based on age, size and type of tumor. They are evaluated by both a surgeon and a radiation oncologist. This is part of our multidisciplinary approach.

At the MedStar Health Baltimore Cancer Network, our expert radiation oncologists offer numerous types of radiation therapies and create customized treatment plans for patients based on their unique condition. Learn more.  

Learn more about IORT from our radiation oncologists and breast cancer surgeons in the videos below: 

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