Breast Cancer Treatment

Have you been diagnosed with breast cancer? If so, you will need to know what breast cancer treatments are available. At MedStar Health Baltimore Cancer Network Breast Centers, we offer a variety of advanced breast cancer care and treatment options from the most skilled and compassionate cancer doctors. Our team of specialists, from oncology nurses to specialists, will carefully evaluate your diagnosis, create a personalized breast cancer treatment plan while providing you with the support and excellence you deserve.

What are the Types of Breast Cancer Treatments?

Many breast cancer patients undergo multiple treatment options, such as a combination of surgery, chemotherapy, and targeted therapy, to ensure that all cancer is removed and that it doesn’t come back. Talk to your MedStar physician to find out which breast cancer treatments are best for you.

Treatments for breast cancer are always improving, and thanks to advances in science and medicine, patients have more options to treat their breast cancer than ever before. Because of all the treatments available, it’s important to learn as much as you can about each treatment so that you can make informed decisions and determine which treatments will help you the most. No matter what breast cancer treatment is right for you, the goal is always to help rid your body of as much cancer as possible and prevent the cancer from coming back.

If you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer, your MedStar cancer care doctor will take several factors into consideration before recommending the best treatment for you. These typically include:

  • The type of breast cancer you’ve been diagnosed with

  • What stage your breast cancer is in

  • Whether or not the tumor has metastasized (spread)

  • Whether or not your breast cancer has receptors for HER2, estrogen, progesterone and others.

Your MedStar Health Cancer Network physician will also take into account factors such as age, other health conditions you may suffer from as well as your personal preferences toward treatment.

Learn more from our breast cancer experts in the videos below:


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