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Urologic Cancer Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials
Jean Flack, Manager, Oncology Research, and Kristie Davalli, Nurse Practioner 

As you navigate your journey with urologic cancer, a clinical trial can provide the best standard of treatment. Often, participants get access to treatments years before they are available to the public.

Clinical trials are research studies that test new drugs, treatments, or medical procedures to determine their effectiveness and safety. These studies help to inform doctors and scientists about new and emerging cancer therapies, how they should be used, and which patients will benefit the most from these approaches.

Almost every standard cancer treatment currently in use was first made available to patients who participated in clinical trials.

The MedStar Health Research Institute conducts clinical investigations to improve the ability to diagnose and treat patients with urologic tumors. By participating in a clinical study at MedStar Health, you can not only play an active role in the treatment of your cancer, but possibly help others with urologic cancers in the future.

Because MedStar Health has an NCI-affiliated Cancer Center, we have access to the latest clinical trials available. Patients who participate in clinical trials receive, often at reduced or no cost:

  • The most advanced treatment options possible
  • Specialized, coordinated team-based care
  • You may be among the first to benefit from a new therapy
  • An opportunity to help future cancer patients

How to Participate in a Clinical Trial for Urologic Cancer

To find out more about clinical trials taking place at the MedStar Health Research Institute, please call 301-560-7300.

The search for a clinical trial begins with your doctor. They will know which trials are available and what is most appropriate to explore based on your cancer type and stage. You can also search for trials online several ways:

Clinical Trials Frequently Asked Questions 

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