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The journey through urologic cancer is about so much more than treatment. It's about the total experience, which includes both good days and tough days. It's about your family and loved ones whose lives are also impacted by the disease.

If you are undergoing treatment for bladder, prostate, kidney, urethral or any of the urologic cancers - or if you are a survivor - you will need extra support beyond your core treatment plan. The MedStar Health Cancer Network provides a team-based, compassionate approach to whole-person care. We understand the unique challenges and needs you will face before, during and after your treatment and will connect you to the specialists and support you need most.

During your treatment process, you will likely meet our genetic counselors, social workers, nutritionists, dedicated nurse navigators, and chaplains who collectively focus on maximizing your physical and emotional state and empowering you and your loved ones. We can also help provide financial counseling and assistance to help you deal with insurance, billing, and to help make the financial impacts of a major medical issue less stressful and confusing.

Cancer Rehabilitation

After you have completed your treatment for urologic cancer, rehabilitation can help improve your strength and decrease your pain. Our rehabilitation experts can help you manage fatigue and conserve energy and deal with your individual challenges of daily living. Learn more about cancer rehabilitation

Support Services

Our cancer support services focus on building your strength and allowing you to take control of your life. Some of our services include:

  • Financial Assistance - financial counselors are trained to assist with any questions or concerns you may have about the cost of care, and can help determine if you may qualify for financial assistance.
  • Integrative Therapy - to support the healing of the mind and body, including massage therapy and therapeutic yoga. These services are available at several MedStar Health Cancer Network locations.
  • Nutrition Counseling - can help you maximize your treatment, recover faster from surgery, and regain strength after chemotherapy.
  • Psychosocial and Pastoral Counseling - our spiritual counselors provide you and your loved ones with a listening ear and coping strategies to deal with the complexities of a cancer diagnosis.
  • Survivorship Planning and Counseling - to assist with the difficult transition back to everyday medical care after urologic cancer treatment, ensuring your long-term health. To learn more about the cancer support services available through the MedStar Health Cancer Network call 877-715-HOPE (4673).

Genetic Counseling

Family history of urologic cancer is a known risk factor for patients, but newer research has even connected breast cancer in the family as a risk factor for prostate cancer. Genetic counseling can help assess your risk of urologic cancers based on your family medical history of urologic and other cancers with known correlations to urologic cancers.

Meet our certified genetic counselor.

Urologic Cancer Care at MedStar Health

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