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Urologic Cancer

Geoffrey Sklar, MD, Chief of the Division of Urologic Oncology

The MedStar Difference

A urologic cancer diagnosis can be shattering news for patients and their families. If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with - or are worried you have symptoms of - prostate, kidney, bladder, urethral or testicular cancer, the experts at MedStar will fight for your full recovery and return to a cancer-free life. Our mission is singular - to target your cancer and cure it with the least impact to your daily life and future health.

Our integrated urologic cancer team - including oncologists, geneticists, and surgeons - delivers the newest and most new promising treatments and innovations to patients with all forms of urologic cancers. We also provide our patients access to clinical trials, connecting them to the latest medical treatments, often before they are released on the market.

Are you struggling with a new urologic cancer diagnosis? Need a second opinion or more advanced care? We're ready to fight for you. Call1-877-715-HOPE or find a urologic cancer specialist.

Annual Prostate Screenings Saves Lives

About one in every nine men will develop prostate cancer. The good news is, when caught in the early stages, prostate cancer is highly treatable. Because early-stage prostate cancer typically has no symptoms, it is very important to have an annual screening.

You and your MedStar Health doctor should discuss how and when prostate screening is best for you. Typically, annual screenings should begin at age 50. For men with a family history of cancer, African-American men, and those with other known risk factors, recommended screenings often begin at an earlier age.

Learn more about prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment at MedStar.

David is Cancer Free After Early Detection and CyberKnife

Long-time MedStar employee, David Winfield, knew he had a higher risk of prostate cancer due to family history. Because he kept up on regular screenings, the doctors at MedStar caught his cancer early. David's team decided CyberKnife was right for him. Today, he's focused on family, guitar lessons with his brother, and thriving in a cancer-free life.

Do you have a family history of prostate cancer? Need a second opinion or more advanced care? Call 1-877-715-HOPE or find a urologic cancer specialist.

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