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Types of Orthopedic Cancer

Orthopedic Cancers We Treat

The orthopedic cancer specialists at MedStar Health offer help and hope for children and adults diagnosed with primary bone and soft-tissue tumors (benign or malignant), as well as cancer that has spread to the bones from elsewhere in the body.

You and your cancer team will work together to create a personalized care plan that is specific to you. Our goal is to eliminate your cancer while preserving your function and quality of life. The orthopedic cancer types we treat include:

    • Benign orthopedic tumors, which, though not cancerous, can still lead to problems with bones and tissues without treatment
    • Bone sarcomas, which are rare tumors that either develop in or spread to the bones
    • Soft-tissue sarcomas, which are rare tumors that can grow in muscle, fat, nerves, and blood vessels

We treat even the rarest tumors with advanced cancer-fighting treatments, including minimally invasive diagnostic biopsies and the revolutionary CyberKnife®, which targets tumors that were previously impossible to reach. We also perform limb-sparing surgery for most bone and soft-tissue cancers, avoiding the need for amputation when possible.

Many types of orthopedic cancer tumors have common symptoms, as well as common factors that can increase your risk for developing them. Learn more about the symptoms and risk factors of orthopedic cancer.

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