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Breast Cancer Screening

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Maeh Farha, MD, FACS, director of the Breast Center at MedStar Union Memorial, Paul B. Fowler, MD, board-certified radiation oncologist, and Mahsa Mohebtash, MD, director of the Cancer Center at MedStar Union Memorial, with a patient. Learn more about our physicians in the videos below.

A key component in reducing your risk is early breast cancer screening. While it cannot be prevented, the earlier breast cancer is found, the greater the chances for effective treatment. When found in its early stages, breast cancer is very treatable; in fact, the five-year survival rate for women with Stage 1 breast cancer is 95 percent.

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What is a Second Opinion?

Getting a second opinion means asking a breast cancer specialist, aside from your initial physician, to review your medical reports and test results and then provide a diagnosis and treatment recommendations. The specialist may confirm your initial diagnosis and treatment recommendations, provide additional treatment options or even give more details about your type and stage of cancer. Even if you’ve already had treatment, it’s not too late to get a second opinion.

While a second opinion may delay the start of your treatment, a short delay does not typically pose a risk and it is important to get the right treatment the first time. Before you delay treatment, talk to your doctor about how much of a delay is okay for you.

When determining where to go for a second opinion, some qualifiers to keep in mind are as follows:

  • How much experience do the physicians at the facility have—how many women are treated each year and how many times is each treatment performed?
  • Are the physicians properly trained to diagnose and treat breast cancer—do they have board certification?
  • Does the facility meet high standards for breast cancer diagnosis and treatment—is the hospital properly accredited and is is consistently recognized for medical excellence?


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